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KOS in AI & AI in KOS

NKOS Consolidated Workshop 2024

March 20-22, 18th ISKO Conference, Wuhan, China

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Themes for the NKOS Workshop

Artificial intelligence (AI) is broadly defined as the use of automation to solve problems by reasoning autonomously. Today, the popular AI method is large language models (LLMs). But there are many other automation methods such as rules-based, machine learning, vectors, n-grams, clustering, filtering, NLP (natural language processing), NLG (natural language generation), etc. that can make automation intelligent. While there is a tendency to focus on one primary method, most AI applications use several methods.

The NKOS Workshop is particularly interested in how knowledge organization systems (KOS) are being used or can be used to make automation intelligent. For example, one problem with LLMs is “hallucinations” where the application generates a response to a prompt that is “correct” but not true. How can KOS be integrated with LLMs to guide their responses so that they do not produce “hallucinations”?

The workshop welcomes timely presentations/demonstrations of early exploratory or speculative work, work in process, initial results, as well as more mature results selected from the perspectives of KOS in AI and AI in KOS.

Focus of the 2024 NKOS Workshop

Demonstrations related to KOS and AI:

Demonstrations may be of early exploratory or speculative work, work in process, initial results, or more mature results. Demonstrations may be a live demo of a working application or prototype in action, a pre-recorded “live” demo, or the results or evaluation of the results from the application.

Presentations & Speakers

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KOS in AI & AI in KOS

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Option 1. Participation in the in-person workshop and the full ISKO conference will require registration included with the rest of the ISKO conference [].

Option 2. Participation in the virtual workshop will require pre-registration with special rate [].

Program Committee

Program Committee

NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems) is an ad hoc work group of more than 300 international experts and implementers of knowledge organization systems. NKOS is devoted to enabling knowledge organization systems/services (KOS), such as classification systems, thesauri, gazetteers, and ontologies, as networked, interactive information services to support the description and retrieval of diverse information resources through the Internet.

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