JCDL2002 Workshop
July 18, 2002, Portland, Oregon

Digital gazetteers
Integration into distributed digital library services

Sponsored by: Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS)

Summary: An overview of the proceedings of the workshop can be viewed here. Links to powerpoint slides from the presentations are included in
the agenda below.

Abstract: This NKOS workshop for JCDL (the 5th in the series: nkos.slis.kent.edu ) will focus on work-in-progress on gazetteer services and gazetteer-related projects in connection with distributed digital library services. It builds on the Digital Gazetteer Information Exchange (DGIE) workshop funded by the National Science Foundation in October 1999 http://alexandria.sdc.ucsb.edu/gazetteer//dgie/DGIE_website/DGIE_homepage.htm.

Digital gazetteers are specialized knowledge organization systems (KOS) that map placenames and types of places to map-based locations and thus integrate word-based georeferencing to map-based georeferencing. Developers and implementers in these areas are encouraged to attend, as well as those who are interested in potential applications of gazetteers and thesauri in digital libraries The format will consist of invited and volunteered presentations and plenty of discussion, with the goal of developing collaborative design, implementation, and funding opportunities. Topics may include:

Participants will be encouraged to provide handouts describing their own gazetteer and other NKOS related projects and will be given the opportunity to introduce their work and their interests briefly.

This workshop will be announced through the NKOS listserv and the CGGR-L listserv (Center for Global Georeferencing Research) and active researchers and implementers in gazetteer and thesaurus services will be solicited to participate. A report of the proceedings will be published online through the NKOS and the Alexandria Digital Library’s Gazetteer Development websites.

Venue, date & time: JCDL workshop, Thursday July 18th, 8:30-3, Doubletree Lloyd Center Hotel, Portland, Oregon. Conference website: http://www.ohsu.edu/jcdl/

JCDL Workshop Prelude on July 17th

A workshop prelude to facilitate the cross-fertilization of topics presented at four JCDL WSs took place on July 17th. Linda Hill gave an
Introduction to NKOS and Digital Gazetteers (see below) and, to represent the topics of the digital gazetteer workshop, Jordan Hastings,
UCSB, gave a presentation on "Duplicate" Entries in Gazetteers (presentation slides).

Digital gazetteers: integration into distributed digital library services
JCDL 2002 NKOS workshop, Portland, July 18, 2002



Welcome and introduction to NKOS and to the workshop

  • Introduction (Linda Hill, UCSB) (ppt)


Self-introductions and brief project/interest descriptions


Digital gazetteers as DL components (75 minutes)

  • Linda Hill (UCSB): Content standards for digital gazetteers (abstract)(ppt)
  • James Frew (UCSB): Textual-Geospatial Integration (TGI) Project (abstract)(ppt)
  • Ruth Mostern (Berkeley): Digital gazetteer standards for history and culture (abstract)(ppt)




Protocols for accessing distributed gazetteers and thesauri (60 minutes)

  • Greg Janée (UCSB): Gazetteer and thesaurus service protocols (abstract)(ppt)
  • Jens Fitzke (University of Bonn): Standard-based Gazetteer Services (abstract)(ppt)




Update on NKOS activities and NISO thesaurus standard work (15 minutes)(doc)


Gazetteer integration projects (75 minutes)

  • Ya-ning Chen, Shu-jiun Chen, Han-wei Yen, Hsiung-ming Liaw (Academia Sinica, Taiwan): Digital gazetteer service in context of Chinese culture (abstract)(ppt)
  • Andy Corbett, James Reid, David Medyckyj-Scott, Cressida Chappell (Universities of Edinburgh and Essex): Geo-Crosswalk – A gazetteer service and server for the UK (abstract)(ppt)
  • Gudrun Richardson, Humphrey Southall, Great Britain Historical GIS Project: From a historical GIS to an on-line administrative gazetteer of Great Britain (abstract)(ppt)


Break (15 minutes)

Gazetteer integration projects (75 minutes)

  • David Smith (Tufts): Mining gazetteer data from digital library collections (abstract)(ppt)
  • Patrick McGlamery (University of Connecticut): Inferring areal geographies for non-bounded places in Connecticut (abstract)(ppt)
  • Rhian Evans, Peter Morton (Atlas of Canada): The Atlas of Canada: a gazetteer service and application (abstract)(ppt)


Open discussion led by Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information: issues; next steps (60 minutes)




Workshop chairs:

Linda Hill (lhill@alexandria.ucsb.edu)
Alexandria Digital Library Project
University of California, Santa Barbara
1205 Girvetz
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Voice: 805/893-8587

Gail Hodge (gailhodge@aol.com)
Information International Associates, Inc./National Biological Information Infrastructure
312 Walnut Pl.
Havertown, PA 19083
Voice: 610/789-6769

David Smith (dasmith@perseus.tufts.edu)
Perseus Project
Department of Classics
Tufts University
321 Eaton Hall
Medford, MA 02155
Voice: 617-627-3213

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