From Doug Tudhope:

Major websites are:

MDA (Museum Documentation Association)

And also


ICOM --- see CIDOC standards committee

EU Memorandum of Understanding on Networked Access to Cultural Heritage

All of these have indexes of projects/resources - you may be interested in the MDA's list of terminology resources, the ICOM/CIDOC standards
work and project Aquarelle.

Brief report on the workshop by Doug:

At DL'98 (ACM Conference on digital libraries, Pittsburgh) I attended a workshop on "Networked Thesauri: application of terminology and classification tools for digital collection development and network-based search." Organisers Linda Hill, Gail Hodge, Ron Davies

Since most participants were North American, I thought I would post some details and the URL.

The main aim of the workshop was to lay the groundwork for creating a working group that would develop standards for networked terminology/thesauri/classification/authority systems. The organisers were thinking along the lines of an (XML) definition for a thesaurus and
a general high level model for client-server access to a thesaurus server which employed a standard data model. Participants included collections managers, software (thesaurus) developers, researchers.

Discussion took place on

- a data model for thesauri and other terminology systems that would build on existing standards and permit remote use of thesauri over a

- a functional / operational/ use model that would capture likely user requirements (clearly inter-related with data model) in a client-server situation. To include access, views, navigation but at a higher level than a particular user interface.

- A Thesaurus registry with metadata descriptions of terminology systems and tools

- A little discussion on an IPR/business model

Actions resulting

* Website set up at

With a workshop report to be posted shortly.

* Two working groups set up:  Data model & Function/use model

* Another meeting planned for the end of the year.

* possibly setting up an initial registry