NKOS Registry - Draft Set of Thesaurus Attributes

(based on Controlled Vocabulary Registry developed by Linda L. Hill and Interconnect Technologies in 1996, with some modification)
(last revision: 7/30/98)

Product Information

Product Name/Title

Variant Product Names/Titles


URL for Example Entries

Current Version/Edition

Product Update Frequency

Available Format(s)

Online Availability

 Scope and Usage Type of NKOS: [type from taxonomy that we need to develop]

Major Subjects

Minor Subjects

Description of User Community and Applications

 Characteristics of Descriptors Language(s)

Type (e.g., concept terms, corporate names, personal names, place names)

Depth of Hierarchy (maximum number of levels)

Description of Overall Structure (e.g., names for levels of the hierarchy)

Source of New Terminology

Size of Set of Descriptors Number of Preferred Terms

Number of Non-preferred Terms (Lead-in Terms)

Number of Relationships

Labels for Relationships Use

Broader Term

Narrower Term

Related Term

Other Relationships

Other Information Given for Terms (e.g., definitions, history notes)

Arrangement of Displays (e.g., alphabetical, hierarchical)

Arrangement Description

Other Product Information Auxiliary Lists


Terms and Conditions Purchase Price by Format

Subscription Price by Format

Licensing Availability


Vendor/Provider Information Vendor Name

Vendor Street/Post Office Box

Vendor City

Vendor State/Province

Vendor Country

Vendor Postal Code/ZIP Code

Vendor Voice Phone

Vendor TDD/TTY Phone

Vendor Fax

Vendor Email

Vendor Logo URL

Vendor Web Site URL

Vendor Hours of Service and Timezone

Vendor Information Service Description

Contact Information Contact Name

Contact Voice Phone

Contact Fax

Contact Email

Contact Web Site URL

 Additional Information General Note

Comments to Registry Maintainer